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"Welcome to the Wandering Cowboy website. I hope you have enjoyed your visit. A little about our wandering photographer Tony; the cowboy part comes from his chosen way of life and deep love for the dozen or so head of horses at home on the farm.

Tony got started with the photography while on the job as a long haul truck driver. That is the wandering part. He was taking photos as he drove as kind of a photo log for those folks at home to keep up with where he went in his travels. Family and friends saw talent and urged Tony to keep up with his photography leading to the website with a few choice photos for sale.

Tony can also be persuaded from time to time to shoot a wedding or other special event. His unique style ads an earthy and old timey influence that a lot of people enjoy."

Bio courtesy of Ms.  Cari Montague.

Thank you for your support Cari.

As Cari mentioned I am not a professional photographer. Most definitely not an English major, so forgive me if this isn't the best autobiography ever.  My day jobs are driving truck and farming. I would say I am an avid hobbyist in the world of photography. Having no formal training, most of my skills have been acquired  through trial and lots of errors, along with watching free tutorials from other photographers on YouTube.  I take my camera everywhere. Out in the boat fishing, to the hunting blind, on the tractors, anytime I leave home really.  I would say my specialty is in capturing landscapes and humble everyday objects.

My first camera as an adult, other than a cell phone camera, was purchased in 2014. Since buying that Nikon P600 I have upgraded to a Nikon P900. It is great for day light snapshots and viewing the craters on the moon. However being consumer type cameras, they have their limits.  Many of my night sky pictures are from borrowed cameras for that reason. Currently am borrowing a Nikon D3200 with kit lens, from my nephew.  The goal of my site is to sell prints to help me upgrade to my own professional grade equipment, so I can capture moments from the road and home, with more vivid detail, to share with family and friends. Who knows, maybe even become a professional photographer someday with your support.

Again, thank you for dropping by.

Sincerely Tony "Wandering Cowboy"

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